AGM 12 Volt Batteries

Coda Batteries brings you the top quality deep cycle AGM 12 Volt Batteries from top tier manufacturers of the world. You can get durable and reliable products from the famous brands with a single call and use it for a variety of purposes. Whether you need to install batteries in vehicles or solar panels; motor bikes, golf carts and other utility equipments, these branded products work perfectly fine with them. Our online store gives you easy access to a great collection of durable batteries that varies in size, voltage and capacity. Browse freely through the categories and get what you have been searching for long.

Being the supplier of highly reliable products from world famous manufacturers, Coda Batteries is leading the way in launching the latest products made in new designs and more features. These products resist vibration, which allow the users to install it in any vehicle that has to experience more oscillation. It’s a more reliable source for installation in outdoor units and speedily moving vehicles; which make it viable for heavy duty usage as well.

What are the Key Features of AGM 12 Volt Batteries?
The deep cycle batteries, we have to offer is a multiple use, which includes boats and recreational vehicles, wind and solar power banks, Golf carts and electric cars, floor and carpet cleaning machines and lots of other machines. Here are the key features of AGM 12 Volt Batteries we deliver.

  • Adjustable footprint to fit narrow areas of vehicles and marines
  • Covered with Fire and Heat resistant material
  • Copper terminals for enhanced conductivity
  • High Ranking discharge performance
  • Suits standard 23 rack
  • Extended Useful Life

Coda Batteries want you to be happy and peaceful by getting high quality products with a single click. Our online store serves you with ease access to batteries that are not available in the local markets.

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