2 Volt Solar Batteries | Solar Storage batteries

2 Volt Solar Batteries
Solar Storage batteries

You might have expensed lots of money on Solar Power Unit, but due to installation of a poor quality battery, it won’t be able to produce the calculated amount of energy. Solar panels are installed to get rid of expensive energy bills, but it seems to be useless when the energy is consumed in the same manner it was before. Coda Batteries brings you the top quality 2 Volt Solar Batteries to enhancing the production and useful life of your power bank. No more worries about getting reliable products, as we only commit to deliver the best, in terms of quality and reliability. 

The mobile power banks that are connected by a combination of 2V, 6V or 12V work fine for camping and travelling to hill stations, whereas the off-grid power systems requires 2 Volt Solar Batteries to extend the usefulness and end results.
Selection of batteries is often a complex matter, because connecting inappropriate voltage will disrupt the whole system. You won’t be able to get the same efficient it had before the replacement of a new mismatching battery. Coda Batteries offer you complete guidance on selecting a product that is manufactured to your customized needs.

These batteries have the following characteristics:

  • The recombinant effect that is incorporated in the batteries to prevent gassing
  • Lead plates are installed to monitor pressure through valves, which are opened only when the battery is overcharged. In the routine, 100% of the gas is recombined for utilization, which leaves nothing to escape.
  • The battery is specifically manufactured for solar power plants. The lead plates enhance the ability to utilize deep cycle properties.
  • The latest products have an amalgamation of Gel and AGM technology, which makes it more powerful and productive.
  • The high quality batteries have a high rate of discharge in comparison to other batteries, which makes it the best for marines, solar panels and RVs.

Are you still uncertain about the kind of product to fulfill your needs? Call us now and know more about 2 Volt Solar Batteries.

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